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Julie Ann Shapiro - Literary Fiction

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Julie Ann Shapiro is a freelance writer, creative consultant, short story author, and novelist. 

Jen-Zen and the One Shoe Diaries

ISBN: 978-0-7443-1391-8

Published by

Jen-Zen and the One Shoe Diaries is a modern Cinderella story filled with love, lost shoes and whimsy. But this is not your typical love story, not by far…here you’ll find reality bent in the magic realism vein. Meet Brad Lynberry, a successful photographer, who is haunted by the memory of Jen-Zen and the connection he feels to her while photographing shoes.

Book Review from Scott Barnes, Editor, “The shoes seem to be telling Brad something. Jen-Zen has had an accident and is trying to communicate from somewhere beyond. Can Brad use his photographer’s art to rescue his true love?”

Find out what happens to Brad and Jen-Zen and discover the way love ticks from sole to sole., “This is a singular book, original in voice, thoughtful in tone. “

Jen-Zen and The One Shoe Diaries will be published in the fall by SynergEbooks as an ebook and CD-Rom. The trade paperback will be available from in December 2008. Read and excerpt of chapter one and five.

Flashes of the Other World (Pulp Bits, August 2006)

A story collection where magic realism, traumas and the absurd meet. From talking spirits to wine bottles and dimes that have their say it’s one wild, surreal world. Relationships are spun on their sides as characters delve into the murk of life and grapple with their pain, obsessions and sanity. In various stories characters are haunted by dreams and objects. Flashes of the Other World is 86 pages and is now distributed by Digital Pulp Publishing. Read the reviews.

New Stories Published

Vertigo, 3 Am Whistle, The Chimpanzee Ate My Cookies and Lizard and the Tiki Lounge.

Visit the author bio page for a complete list of publishing credits.

What's New?
Blood Drips From My Arm is showcased at the UK magazine, Footsteps To Oxford.
"Circles of  Gala" is published in the January issue of Cezzane's Carrot.

The story, The Foot That Itched will appear in a forthcoming anthology produced by the UK magazine, Words.

"The Iron Hand" and "The Wind That Spoke To Me" are now published  on coffee cups. You can order these at Flash Fiction Net.

The essay "Water Princess" is published in Sacred Waters: Stories of Healing, Cleansing, and Renewal (Adams Media 2005).